August 7, 2013

Dress Forms, Manniquins, My Girls!

 These girls I made from paper the process of decorating!

Upcycle It

I love love love to take old stuff and give 'em facelift!   I just received a new old rocking horse from a great friend who always has her eye out for me!  Time to get busy with it!

 Cut off the old mane and tail and then primer and paint!
 Add some polka dots!  I love Mod Podge!

 Some eyebrows!
A tail and a mane!

Ready to give for the Twincessas!

Julie Nutting - Paper Doll Stamps

Like a blast from the past, Julie Nutting has rekindled a fun past time of mine.  She has numerous designs from canvas, to prints to Stamps and is a published with her art work.  I must confess, I am addicted to Paper Doll Art now!  It is fun to play and easy.  Stamp, cut, glue, embellish, create!  I just purchased Julie's new stencils and am preparing to play some more!  

You can find her classes on Ustream with Prima Marketing INC

Card Making

A special thank you for a dear friend who has supported me and brings joy to my heart! 

(...another Pintrest inspiration and Prima paper, I love Prima papers!)

Canvas Art

I get my inspiration from Pinterest, Youtube, surfing the internet and then get brave and begin to play.  There are no mistakes in art which is why Art is so fun!  Creating, playing, overcoming fears, expressing and decompressing, that is why I play!

 She Art inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts.

 More Kelly Rae Roberts!

 Julie Nutting Inspired

Art Journaling

My first try at an art journal.  This journal focuses on learning and practicing new techniques from Pintrest, Youtube and surfing the internet.  There is so much to learn and many generous artists who provide instruction at no cost!

Make Flowers - bloom

I love to make flowers - tried many many techniques!
A wreath for Valentines Day!

A wreath for Halloween, from burlap!